Mediation Fees


There is an all-in charge of £425 plus VAT per party for a two party four hour mediation, for disputes up to £50,000.  This fee includes all preparation work and travel.


An additional fee of £95 per party per hour applies where the mediation exceeds four hours.


Fees are payable in advance of the mediation.


For low value cases, telephone mediation may be appropriate , please contact me to discuss.


Similarly, please contact me to discuss fees for disputes exceeding £50,000 in value or where there are more than two parties involved.


The Mediation Agreement provides for the fee to be shared equally by the parties.  If other arrangements are agreed between the parties, this should be notified to me in advance.


Likewise, the Mediation Agreement provides that the cost of (and those costs associated with) the mediation will be "costs in the case". Please advise if you wish to change this.


It is important that the parties carefully consider what costs and fee arrangements are required ahead of the mediation.


For mediations which are likely to be less than four hours in length or where there are more than two parties to the dispute, please contact me for further advice.


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