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"What possible reason is there for not mediating......only a madman does not want to settle" - Sir Anthony Clarke, Master of the Rolls - 15 January 2009 - FOIL debate London.

"Skilled mediators are now able to achieve results satisfactory to both parties in many cases which are quite beyond the power of lawyers and courts to achieve.........But when the parties are brought together on neutral soil with a skilled mediator to help them resolve their differences, it may well be that the mediator is able to achieve a result by which the parties shake hands at the end and feel that they have gone away having settled the dispute on terms with which they are happy to live. A mediator may be able to provide solutions which are beyond the powers of the court to provide."

Lord Justice Brooke in Dunnett v Railtrack, Court of Appeal 2002.

"The costs of ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) would have been a drop in the ocean compared with the fortune which has been spent on this litigation".

Court of Appeal - Burchell v Bullard (2005)

"Mediation can do more for the parties than negotiation. The best time to mediate is before the litigation begins. It is not a sign of weakness to suggest it. It is the hallmark of common sense".

Lord Justice Ward in Darren Egan v Motor Services (Bath) Ltd (2007

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